joi, 11 septembrie 2008

Shocking Cardio Mistakes You Are Making - Warning You Will Gain FAT If You Continue Doing These!

Almost everyone in this day and age is taking to some form of exercise, one way or another. Young and old its something that everyone has in common, is the need to be healthy. However what happens if what you are doing to make you healthy is actually inhibiting you from your potential? What if the cardio workouts you do, actually prevent you from losing weight? Here are the most common mistakes people make in cardio workouts that prevent weight loss:

Hydration! It's the most obvious thing, you body gets tired, and you sweat out all the water. Many people don't realize this is that they need to hydrate continuously while exercising. The thing that most people do is they drink after exercising, not during. They will do all their cardio and suddenly explode cup after bottle of water into their stomach after, dying of thirst. This is a major no-no in weight loss, since then you are sitting with all of this, which you just burnt off, once again. When you are thirsty you get tired more fast, as well so you will slow down, and will no longer be able to go, thus the sudden stop, and run for water and that's it.

Cardio Deja-vu- you do the same thing day after day, you miss other parts of your body key parts, and you just work the same thing. If you do math all your life, you wont be learning the arts, the science, the history and so forth, meaning you are not accessing your full potential- same thing in cardio. Its best to mix things up, you will get all the parts, and will strain you muscles less. After all you want to lose weight; getting muscle will create bulk that makes you gain weight- guess what- all over again, just in a new form.

Eating- either right after or before exercise. IF you just got rid of the calories, why replace them again? I am talking about the full on eating- many people exercise and then go and have a huge meal after, because they became so hungry. Or how about the people who eat just before exercise thinking that they will lose what they just ate? These are really obvious mistakes people make; it will not make you lose weight. Cardio requires a lot of getting your heart rate up, if you just ate it will be difficult and you are depriving yourself of a proper workout.

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By Misty Ruttan

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